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Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Beverly Hills, California with operations in many countries around the world. In 2010 it merged with Live Nation under the name Live Nation Entertainment. The company's ticket sales are fulfilled digitally or at its two main fulfillment centers located in Charleston, West Virginia, and Pharr, Texas for both primary and secondary markets. Ticketmaster's clients include venues, artists and promoters. Clients control their events and set ticket prices, and Ticketmaster sells tickets that the clients make available to them.

One angry customer shared this in a review "Ticketmaster are overcharging, lying crooks! Concert "postponed" with no future date proposed due to COVID. Advised I would be eligible for a refund, applied for this and then literally no communication back from Ticketmaster. Multiple "live chats," with conflicting stories (lies) given as to the reason for this. Latest contact from them advises I am no longer eligible for a refund with no reason given. Complete charlatans."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"My mental stability, emotional well-being, and professional development have suffered... The “leadership team” is stocked with power-hungry people who seemed to have been in the right place at the right time, and generally appear to be seeking attention, glam, and notoriety, but are not willing to actually do the work to earn it. In my opinion, if leadership spent half the time and energy they put into politicking, into doing their jobs, they could add so much more value! It's no wonder the former president of TM left and started his own ticketing company (Rival). Unfortunately, as a result, I’m not gaining any new skills- just depression and trauma from the toxicity of the work place."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Be ready for an org change every year. The company is terrible at communicating changes, people have found out about their new managers when the company wide email is sent out. They have not paid their tech debt for the last 2 decades to the tech stack is a hot mess. The main system runs on VAX (many will not know what this means, look it up). Leadership is horrible, Jared Smith is learning to be a president while he is on the job. As soon as there are problems in production it will be your team vs rest of the company. In my 20+ years of experience working for half a dozen companies this is the worst by 10x. Needless to say I am looking for a new job. Comp and benefits suck, I have only the HSA plan available which means I am paying 500 dollars + a month in premium and have a deductible of 3000."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't even apply at this company if your 45 and older. Hostile work environment. Once my boss found out my age, it was down hill from there. Fortunately, I'm in a career field where I was able to bounce back very well. Everyone gets older, it doesn't mean that you become stupid. I think that my boss just desired to be around very young women because he is a huge flirt. Once of these days he's going to flirt with the wrong girl. Can you sexual harassment?"

Current Employee - Event Support Specialist says

"Management hold personal grudges. Advancement is lacking in all departments. Pay is low. The tech is really old and outdated."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Dev ops sweat shop. Don't be fooled about the positive reviews. They are all written by ASU interns who work part time. This company used to be a great place to work however when new upper level management came in and changed everything around and it turned into a nightmare for most full time employees that have been at the company for years. If you enjoy working in an environment that resembles your Junior High school cafeteria then this place is for you. Collaboration is essential however co-workers sitting 1 foot away from you in a bench style open environment , while the chosen few sit in their cozy spacious offices with their doors shut is a Joke. Employees are judged by how fast they can push code out to production, not by the quality of their work. Project management is clueless as they do not have any understanding of what the software actually does or how it behaves. Their only concern is to push tickets through on their Kanban board . Finally one small item that people seem to forget is that at ticketmaster Pager duty is a job requirement no matter what your job title is. So being on call 24/7 for 1 week out of the month is the norm here. So make sure you bring your laptops and cell phones on your weekend staycations or roadtrips.."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing & Media Manager says

"Very little trust within the organization. Everyone feels like everyone else is out to get them. Company claims it's flat, agile and entrepreneurial, but it has a very strong top-down organised model, often is paralyzed in red tape, and senior leaders work within a vacuum. There is a massive disconnect in the company values and the company behaviours. If you are a female or other you will be bullied and intimidated by male and female vice presidents. This behavior often includes forcing you to do work that you know won't move the needle, berating you in public/private settings, reducing your salary year over year without cause, creating unnecessary interpersonal issues and workplace tension, increasing responsibilities without promotion, scapegoating you with other executives. And this is if you are GREAT and SMART at what you do. If you are a woman, keep in mind that promotions are tough. The company most likely will only promote you to VP if you are a male or if they hire you in at that position. I worked there for many years and not one of my female colleagues made it to VP, but many male colleagues become VP and SVP in in the same time period. As a female or other, consider other options than joining this company if you are promised a promotion in 1-2 years, because it most likely will not come even when you hit your goals on your incentive compensation plan. Get in the door with what you want, because once you are in, it's not easy to get ahead. They do internal restructures quarterly, and use them as an excuse to limit individual managers' success and career growth. They also perform frequent, staggered lay offs and then re-hire similar positions, just under a different department name which is ultimately led by the same executive leadership as the prior department that had been laid off. It's a typical practice, but it should be stated it does add stress to your workload."

Former Employee - Content Marketing Manager says

"Where to begin. I had three different bosses in a week. I found out about my second boss getting canned via a bounce back email. Communication is dirt poor. The environment is clique-y. Part of the company's mission is to "Embrace change and new ideas." At first I thought this was meant to encourage employee creativity. Then, I realized what this really stands for. Every two years they gut their staff and bring in new people. They even have a phrase they use to encourage execs to bring their own employees: "Bring Your Own Team." The people are GREAT but the execs are clueless. They have no understanding of digital or social media and as a result, fear it. If a show sells out and fans tweet bad things about Ticketmaster, management gives the order not to post on social media the rest of the day (True story... multiple times). You'd think brands would want to talk to their customers and try to help them. Ticketmaster runs away from them and hides. You cannot even message them on Facebook. Marketing 101 gets ignored every day. At least you get free tickets right? Sure! YOU GET TWO FREE TICKETS A YEAR. The perks are a joke, fitting for a joke of a "tech company" that wants to be Facebook so bad they copy their weekly "No Meeting Thursdays" because people who work there need a day to get off email and just think about why they are really working here."

Client Services says

"The company would not negotiate on salary at hiring and the starting salary was low to begin with even though I had experience. I was asked to take on many new (large) responsibilities that were not part of my job title with a promise for a raise and a title change only to reneg while I was still expected to continue tackling these responsibilities. No opportunity for growth, despite expressing my desire to move-up. I also witnessed a fellow employee who was slated to leave for a competitor be offered a substantial raise to stay on while another fellow employee was slated to leave for a non-competitor be offered nothing even though they wanted to stay on. The employees are very gossipy. I also witnessed a supervisor dishonestly using their expense account for meals that weren't what they said they were. And lastly, I could not trust Human Resources. This is probably true of most companies, but HR at Ticketmaster will claim to have an open door policy and your best interests at heart, but their best interest is really the company."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"Training portion went well, once on the floor it was so confusing, and they were unable to work with my schedule. Had to learn to stay calm and focused with angry customers"

Resale customer service agent (Former Employee) says

"Don't bother working here!! This is the worst company that expects you micromanage everything, even your bathroom time. They work you to death for below minimum compensation for what is expected. Jobs with less stress and better work conditions offer you more. You will regret taking a position here. They will beat you down until you are a spineless sponge of discouragement."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management needs to be revamped from the top all the way to the bottom, Political motivated job.You can advance if they like you , not if your qualified, or a professional it doesn't matter to them."

CSR/Sales (Former Employee) says

"First of all the management not trained and they have outdated software and want you to also be cs for things they dont give you tools for. Be prepared to deal with angry customers all day and no way to actually help them!"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Long on promises., Short on delivery. They promise you the moon, then when it comes right down to delivery on those promises they fall way short. Very disappointing.What pros?Short breaks, have to pay for your own poor health care"

IT Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you expect to be treated well, opportunity for advancement or raises, don't work here. You will be treated like a slave, on-call 24/7 365 at the whims of the clients. If you need the money, short term it is not bad. I wouldn't stay more then one year."

TM Resale (Former Employee) says

"They will fire you if they dont like you for anything , i would never work there again unless i got an apology for ruining a good employee , a customer can get u fired for anything, they twist stories and unemploy people who they just label ,i didnt even last 3 months and i was a hardworking 80+ hour employeeJob isn't guaranteed, but easy dayPoor management and the allowance of the abuse of the "at will "policy"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The place needs a lot to grow on. Supervisor treat agents wrong. Its a place to work at till get get something better its not a company you want to stay in.nonenone"

Retail Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company was all about the cliques. if you were in the clique then you were set. You would advance rapidly. If not, well your stationary until further notice"

Agent de Service à la clientèle (Current Employee) says

"je naime pas travailler chez ticketmaster. tout le monde qui sy trouve désire aller ailleurs et moi aussi. les journées sont longues je ne me forge aucune amitié avec personne et jentends des problemes toute la journée moi qui en ait deja beaucoup. jaimerais un emploi aux antipodes de cet emploi la. le seul avantage cest de travailler assis sur un ordi mais rien nest motivant dans les tâches.assis sur un ordinateurtrès strict sur les retards et lhoraire, ennui et banalité"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management was very unorganized and would always take ones side but not the others plus if you ever needed help, they would say to either hold on or ask a floor walker which were never available."

Inventory Control Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The management team will make you feel like you are important then sell you out in a heartbeat to keep their job. I gave my youth to them and they gave me nothing in return.NoneSoul suckers"

West Virginia Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working at Ticketmaster you are set up to fail at their quotas. Better get used to holding your bladder. Management will stab you in back. Miserable place to work. Stay on welfarehoursquotas unattainable managers are a joke"

Client/Retail support technician (Current Employee) says

"not very good management. almost all work was done primarily alone."

Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"Decent place to work, people were friendly, just not to open about how long job will last."

3D Artist (Current Employee) says

"They dont like indians, and the people sitting there for decades do not want new comer to establish themselves as a part of the company.only 4-5 people have the power.Corporate politics"

Représentant service à la clientèle (Former Employee) says

"J'y ai travaillé deux ans, nous avons dû fonder un syndicat pour faire respecter un minimum de décence humaine au sein du centre d'appels. Extrêmement strict sur les absences et retard, aucun avantage (pas même de rabais sur les billets), une équipe de gestion qui applique à la lettre les politiques venant de corporate sans jamais les questionner ou les réviser, aucune sécurité d'emploi (personne du centre d'appels n'est considéré permanent), le centre d'appels de Montréal est constamment forcé de refaire le travail des centres américains, pas d'augmentation de salaire... Un emploi de transition, tout au mieux.L'équipe des ventes et service à la clientèleConditions de travail, gestion, salaire"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is least supportive, no growth plan or prospects. No processes or clearly defines goals. No trust in employees ability to perform No training plans or job related trainings.Free tickets to eventsManagement is not good"

Operador telefónico (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo trato de parte de la jefa en el area de atención a clientes, insulta, humilla a los empleados.sueldotrato de superiores"

Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"Although you could (possibly) get 2 sets of tickets a year every other aspect of working for Ticketmaster was a let down. From the rota being submitted last minute to only 3 days before the start of the week to the lack of empathy from the superior employees. As a sales agent we constantly got through angry customers that were shown one thing but being given or charged another. After many being disconnected from CS we had to deal with their situations, getting no other answers from managers or supervisors than "they'll have to contact someone else" or "take their details we'll pass it on". Ticketmaster very rarely took responsibility for the problems customers were experiencing and without verbally saying it, placed the blame on their partners. At least once a week servers would crash and lines would cut out leaving the customers no choice but to wait in line again. Yes this may be expected to happen at busy periods but even during the quiet days you'd think after having so much trouble, the IT maintenance team would do their jobs and know how to prevent similar things from happening again. No. Always a problem with Ticketmaster. They say they always encourage progression throughout the company. Encourage, possibly. Provide you with the opportunity. Very unlikely. Many employees i worked with had been with Ticketmaster 15 or more years and only now have they obtained a "coach" or "manager" title. Not very motivating for someone who was once excited to be a part of the TM Team.2 sets of free tickets a yearPoor Management, lack of empathy towards customer situations, always a catch if requested holiday, rota produced last minute."

S Stewart says

"Cannot access my account or my tickets. The only way to contact support is through my account. Ridiculously poor customer service. No one available via phone. The message says they are not offering phone support at this time. Googled the error messages I’m receiving and people have been having the issue since 2017 at least."

Samantha Tanner says

"I purchased both a ticket and a camping pass for an event in August 2020. The event was canceled as a result of Covid and they did not automatically issue refunds. Months later they rescheduled the concert for 365 days later. I requested a refund and was denied, and I was also denied the option to sell or transfer my tickets. They essentially robbed me of $140 and I emailed customer service five separate times only for them to tell me to resell my tickets, which again I was unable to do. So unhelpful, this company has absolutely no integrity whatsoever and is stealing from customers during a pandemic"

Joseph says

"Would leave a 0 star if I could. Purchased Slipknot tickets for myself and nephew because he did some work for me and owing him I told him I would purchase the tickets. Tickets for 2 came to around $400. Cool, everything is good. The concert gets cancelled. Tickets ended up being 2nd party tickets through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster claims then to have given original ticket purchaser refund. So what? He gets my money, plus, the money that was refunded. So no ticket, no concert.....Then had to pay the nephew the $200 on top of it.

Screw this company! Complete garbage. Buy tickets elsewhere!"

Steve says

"Terrible customer service, not refunding for cancelled events, won’t be using again."

Rebecca Hall says

"Come on consumer watchdog, these guys need to be accountable. After countless attempts to email Ticketmaster as a result of Covid, there is absolutely no one to speak to regarding up and coming events. The phone lines are down, the email help system is horrendous and pedestrian. I can’t print my tickets, let alone know if the event it’s still on.
We are all working through tough times, but what a let down RE service."

Billy Lemons says

"If I could check "no stars" I would have. This company actually sucks worse than any other company I have had bad experiences with in the past, including cell phone companies, satellite companies, etc., I have wasted so many hours on my very simple request and there is no human to be found to make me a satisfied customer. Bottom line is that they rescheduled my concert to a date I actually can't make it and claim my request is "outside of their window" well guess what Morons? You never informed the event was cancelled period. i figured it out on my own. what a friggin JOKE"

Kesha Williams says

"I wish I could put zero stars. My event was scheduled for April 2020 but do the pandemic it was rescheduled to July 2020; however, now it is listed as postponed on my Ticketmaster account. The event has TBA (to be announced) At this point, the pandemic will not be going away anytime soon and I am not willing to put my life in danger of contracting COVID for no damn concert. I JUST WANT A REFUND! I paid Ticketmaster for this event so give my money (TICKETMASTER IS COMMITTING FRAUD)
Thanks for reaching out about your event. Please read the following information regarding the status of the event and your order. Your event has been postponed. The event organizer is still trying to reschedule your event; if they do, your tickets will remain good for the rescheduled date. Hang on to your tickets - we will email you as soon as the new date is announced. Please note that your event organizer is not allowing refunds at this time. Given the unprecedented circumstances, event organizers are constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding refunds; however, we suggest you continue to check your Ticketmaster Account, as this status may change. If a refund link appears, this would indicate that the event organizer has made your order eligible for a refund. If the status of your event changes, we will be sure to email you with the new information, as well as options made available, at that time. Please be aware that, at this time, we do not have any further information regarding your event. For any additional questions, please feel free to check out our FAQ's. Thanks for reaching out.


Amy Kempffer says

"I wish I could put no stars... this is the worst company I have ever had experience with! Can not get a hold of a single person.. their live chat is a bot responding with the same thing over and over. The email is the same thing. I have purchased tickets for a concert that was postponed due to covid.. they will not refund my money. We bought these tickets last year and have been trying for months to get these tickets refunded and now all of the sudden I missed my "window" for a return!?? How is this possible when I've been asking and asking and they stated if it changed they would email. I never heard a single thing. Beyond frustrating. If you can, find tickets else where."

John says

"Must be close to the worst customer service in the world. I payed for ticket to a online concert with Andrea Bocelli the 30th November and would also receive a cd with the music for the concert the 12th December. Here the 31th December I have still not received any CD. I have tried to get some help from Ticketmaster. They don't even reply."

Nicolas Touchard says

"This company should be out of business as they cannot handle ticketing. Should be called TicketDebacle."

sbs family says

"1 Star is being generous. Ticketmaster process your purchase in 3 seconds, but it takes 3 months to process a refund. The customer service is Totally unacceptable. The money that they will receive from congress is when they will began to process refund, which is Unfair because if miss the window request refund u have to go to the venue. I will no longer use there service and I suggest you do the same."

Hans Christian Sander says

"Ticketmaster are thieves. They cancel concerts but they do not refund any tickets. This is pure thievery. There should be a class action lawsuit against these criminals."

Patricia M says

"Never Never Never use Ticketmaster!

The people running Ticketmaster are a bunch of Liars and Thief's!

I spoke to them in October about my events cancellation and after a long song and dance; they told me that they would give me a full refund. They also said it would take up to 60 days for me to receive it.

Now 75 days later and I have still not received my refund. I tried to call them but their number no longer works, so I emailed them to find out that I would not be receiving a refund. They told me that “Vouchers have become an industry standard” and I can use my voucher and to go to another event within 12 months! Not only are they not refunding me after they said I would be, they are giving me an expiration date before they steal my money all together!

I will never use this site again and will continue letting everyone know about the lies and theft.

There is no way that they should be able to tell me that I cannot have a refund for an event that never happened due to a pandemic and then try to tell me that I have to endanger myself to get my money back. Ticketmaster is robbing people in such a bad way! Unbelievable!

And this is a copy of 1 of the emails I received from the awful representative / so-called manager Josh. Very rude!!!

You keep asking the same question, the same answer is no refund and find a new event to use your voucher. You can call me tomorrow 877-496-9515 during the hours previously emailed. I am the highest point of contact via phone or email any day of the week.

Thank you,

Box Office Ticket Sales
www.boxofficetick etsales.com
orders@boxofficetick etsales.com
P: 1-877-496-9515"

Rob K says

"Ticketmaster living up to their reputation as scammers. Do not purchase a ticket to any event without finding and reading all fine print, all of it. Turns out once you buy a ticket through this service, they give the finds immediately to the venue, band, promoter and at no time hold ticket money at the company level. I found that interesting.

As long as a show keeps getting postponed you have no right to your money back.

On the brighter side I was told concerts are scheduled and are a full go in the summer of 2021. Amazing news form the folks at ticketmaster. I wish I had the same crystal ball to know that kind of thing.

Disappointing service, disappointing customer support. But when they have you over a barrel they win."

Christopher giaimo says

"This is complete horse shight !!
1st you cancel and postpone concerts then the govt locks us down, steals our jobs and small businesses, they still take our taxes yet gave trillions to rich people for stimulus. The normal people get our money stolen for any future fun events we had planned...
I have motley crue tix that are $800 with a refusal to refund my money!!!!!! I will not go regardless because of this vaccine shight that gives you either your face paralyzed or instant death f##k you ticketmaster and f$$k you big corporate medical tyrants and big govt tyrants for ruining our God given freedoms!"

Doug says

"They don't want to refund my money for a cancelled event. I will never use them again."

Anna Belentsova says

"Horrible, horrible experience all around!!
I purchased the tickets with them in February, then the concert has been delayed for a year, so I requested a refund. After three months I haven't seen my money yet, going back and forth with them. Every time I have a new person to contact me and every time they have a new story to tell me.
Never again!!"

Raymond Roe says

"Ticketmaster took my money, changed the date and would not help me. Martin is a jerk. I told him I was dissatisfied (used those words) and he laughed and signed off. Awful all around. NEVER USE TICKETMASTER!"


"Event I booked changed dates because of COVID and app didn’t load my new tickets yet the venue is asking for tickets to be scanned through app. Called Ticketmaster to resolve problem and they didn’t fix my booking dates for tickets in my app. Very disappointed and will avoid booking with Ticketmaster again."

James Eric says

"Scammers.... I had almost enough to buy my super bird. I swapped withdrawal for purchase coins and BAM!!! THERE WENT ALMOST ALL MY ACCOUNT. NOW THEY ARE PLAYING DUMB ASKING STEP BY STEP WHAT DID I DO. LIKE I DID SOMETHING TO IT. THEY RIPPED ME OFF. Contact Mr
Ron on" stewart_ron at aol ©om now to get a refund"

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